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David Domoney is a Chartered Horticulturalist and television gardener. He is a presenter on ITV1’s Love Your Garden, which is the most-viewed gardening TV show in Britain today, and is the resident gardener on ITV1’s This Morning.

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The latest videos from David Domoney as he takes you through the importance of keeping your hands safe.

Protecting your hands with David Domoney
SHOWA 600 with David Domoney
SHOWA 370 'Floreo' With David Domoney
SHOWA 281 With David Domoney
SHOWA 350R With David Domoney
SHOWA 341 With David Domoney

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It's almost summer and the garden is starting to grow. There's plenty to do and you need a pair of gloves that will see you right for lots of different jobs. I recomend the SHOWA 370 Floreo for their great all-round performance!

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A Grass May-keover Est. reading time: 4 minutes

Having the right gloves for the job is really handy – especially as we approach growing season. Our gardens are currently bursting with life, with lawns growing up to 4mm in a single day. With so much going on, let’s look at how to keep a handle on long-living, lush and deluxe lawns to host all manner of garden goings-on.

Published 20/05/19
| 2 years ago

April Showers and Prepping for Rainfall Est. reading time: 4 minutes

Gardening when it’s wet and rainy doesn’t have to be a sad, soggy experience. Preparing for the spring and summer months can be a breeze with the right gardening gloves on your hands. Far from being an ‘April fools’ prank, it’s true that the term ‘April showers’ stems from meteorological predictions that this is most likely the wettest month of the year. Although not 100% guaranteed, it would be a wise decision for any gardener to prepare for the possibility of heavy rainfall. So, grab your waterproofs and get weather ready.

Published 17/04/19
| 2 years ago

Gloves to keep you cropping Est. reading time: 5 minutes

Gardening gloves are important in all weathers and for all gardening tasks, but do you really know which gloves are best? Here I can explain how to get prepared, so you can keep cropping. It’s the start of a new year and you want to get your garden ready for the new season, when the veg plot is put into action to grow family favourites like beans, brassicas, onions and carrots and, of course, potatoes. 

Published 28/01/19
| 2 years ago