The Ultimate Cold Weather Gardening Gloves

The Skytec Argon glove has been perfectly designed for winter protection. The soft cushioning of the inner thermal lining will keep hands comfortable and warm in cold weather – even down to -50 degrees Celsius they remain flexible and hard-wearing.

βœ” Cold protection
βœ” Comfortable and soft with a secure grip
βœ” Double insulated liner
βœ” Keep hands warm and dry

An embossed outer surface provides brilliant grip, even in damp environments. Meaning you can worry about more important things, like frost protection for those tender growers. This all-round hitting glove gives support to knuckles, fingers and your palm when getting stuck into chilly conditions out in the garden.

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Gardening Tasks: – Perfect for gardening and manual tasks during the colder months of the year, this glove has strong gripping power in wet weather and is also insulated for warmth. Lifting, moving, fixing, installing and dismantling your garden apparatus has never been easier.

Gardening Tip: – When shifting heavy objects like decorative stones, make sure you bend with your legs and avoid straining your back – always ask for help if an object is too heavy.

Season: -Winter

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