SHOWA 730 ‘Spraymaster’

SHOWA 730 ‘Spraymaster’


The Ultimate Chemical Resistant Garden Care Glove

For gardeners tired of gloves that aren’t fit for those nitty gritty jobs, your worries are a thing of the past. The SHOWA 730 is a glove that will make all the difference to working out in the garden, with protective properties that stand up to water, chemicals, oils and grease alike.

✔ Chemical resistant
✔ Waterproof
✔ Latex free reducing the chance of allergic reactions
✔ 100% nitrile for strength and durability

Cotton flock-lined for extreme comfort, these gloves not only give hands the flexibility to move, but they also offer unsurpassed protection all the way from fingertip to over your wrist. That, alongside a latex-free finish, means that your hands will be plenty happy whilst working on heavy-duty dealings in the garden.

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Gardening Tasks: – Put off those messy cleaning tasks no more! These gloves make cleaning, preening and steaming ponds or greenhouses into a dream. When handling paints and varnishes, reach for these gloves for full resistance during application – they’re even suited to one-off jobs like restoring bird boxes, washing the car and greasing your garden tools. This durable, versatile product will turn a vast range of gardening tasks on their head with all-round, robust protection.

Gardening Tip: – For weeding woes, it’s an idea to plant through polythene to keep down weeds and conserve moisture on drier soils at the same time. You will have ample protection with these adaptable gloves for every occasion.

Season: – All year round

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