Premium protection from cold and wet!

The SHOWA 477 includes premium thermal protection and optimum comfort through an insulated liner and ergonomic design, making it great for garden work in cold and wet weather.

✔ Thermal glove for cold weather gardening
✔ Waterproof nitrile coating
✔ Durable with great grip – even for wet, oily and greasy tasks
✔ Longer length for good wrist protection

As well as reliable resistance to abrasion and rips, this waterproof glove will keep your hands perfectly dry while digging into wet, oil or greasy jobs. And don’t worry about slips, this glove delivers excellent grip. For hands delving into deeper waters, there’s added length to provide wrist protection too – so there’s nothing stopping this warm and water-resistant winner.

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Gardening Tasks: – Need to get your hands wet in the winter? It’s not a problem for this glove. De-ice your car, take care of your garden pond or clean down algae-riddled paths whilst your hands remain toasty and warm inside these waterproof wonders.

Gardening Tip: – Leave some areas of your garden rich with herbaceous perennials to create a winter habitat for your garden’s wildlife – they’ll repay you tenfold with pest control and pollination when the weather warms up.

Season: – Winter

Video: – Watch this cool video of Hamilton Ice Sculptors using the SHOWA 477.

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