Keeps your hands warm when working outdoors

These gloves are the ideal companion to manual handling, landscaping and heavy-duty garden work. Designed with a soft thermal fleece lining, the SHOWA 451 keep hands snug in cold weather and feature a great latex grip coating for optimal hold.

✔ Soft fleece lining for a comfortable fit
✔ Thermal to keep your hands warm
✔ For use on colder days
✔ Flexible with a great latex grip

All this comes alongside unrestricted mobility, a tactile feel and a beautifully breathable material to keep hands cool and fresh. For warmth, comfort and added protection that you can wear all day, this glove is the one for you.

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Gardening Tasks: – Build a shelter for your garden wildlife, dismantle that old garden shed or put up a new fence (fit with hedgehog highway and access) with the knowledge that your fingers will be kept harm-free and warm all the while.

Gardening Tip: – If the weather’s chilly, put on your pair of SHOWA 451 gloves and protect outside taps from frosty weather with an insulation covering – don’t forget to turn off unused pipes to stop them from bursting.

Season: – Winter

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