SHOWA 350R ‘Thornmaster’

SHOWA 350R ‘Thornmaster’


Grippy and dexterous 

If you’re on the search for good grip gloves that are also easy to move in, then look no further. The SHOWA 350R has a textured palm which is robust enough to stand up to prickly situations out in the garden, but the flexible design still gives tactility when needed.

✔ Nitrile palm coating gives protection from grease and oil
✔ Easy movement and long lasting wear
✔ Great resistance to abrasion
✔ Strong, flexible and grippy

Known as the ’Thornmaster’, its nitrile rubber palm protects from abrasion as well as oils, while the back of the hand boasts breathability. That, alongside antibacterial and anti-odour capabilities, means these gloves work wonders in warm climates and are great for continuous wear.

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Gardening Tasks: – Gardening jobs where you need to cut, trim, prune or saw are trouble-free with the ’Thornmaster’ gloves like these. Thorns and prickles are no match for them, so they’re perfect for any pruning task at hand.

Gardening Tip: – Cut back the winter interest like ornamental grasses and other perennials before spring gets going. Even if they’re still looking lush, you can make way for the new growth.

Season: – Summer

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