Flexible and robust for those heavy duty jobs

All of us at are incredibly grateful for the amazing work our NHS is doing during the Covid-19 crisis. That’s why we’ve asked our resident talking glove, Greenie, if he can help us raise £1,000,000 for the NHS! Greenie has agreed to donate £1 to the NHS for every pair of SHOWA 310 or SHOWA 370 gloves that you buy.* Not only can you help the NHS, you’ll also be bagging yourself a great pair of gloves at a fantastic price!

You can’t get more reliable than gloves that are both flexible and robust for heavy duty jobs. With their enhanced grip, you will feel more than safe when moving and lifting in the garden. Designed to be strong and long-lasting, these gloves are soon destined to become your go-to pair— with their multiple uses, they’re super handy to have around.

✔ Soft, cotton liner with a thick latex grip palm coating
✔ Great grip for most gardening tasks
✔ Comfortable, well made SHOWA glove
✔ Strong and long lasting

The soft, cotton lining of SHOWA 310 gloves gives your hand a snug surrounding when digging into hard work outside, whilst also cutting down perspiration by being breathable for better hygiene. You can wear these gloves all day long and there is tip top tactility and no irritation from seams.

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Gardening Tasks: – Complete composting power is a glove away. These all-round winners are sure to keep you gardening for longer with their versatility. Building, moving, cleaning, tidying out in the garden has never been easier or safer with this easy movement and grip.

Gardening Tip: – You can vastly improve the drainage of heavy soils just by working in lots of organic matter. Easy, when you’re supported with agile yet sturdy gloves.

Season: – All year round

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