SHOWA 281 Temres

SHOWA 281 Temres


Keep your hands dry and moisture free!

Wet garden work is a breeze with the waterproof and the breathable SHOWA 281 Temres glove. Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, they’re perfect for fiddly tasks that require protection from liquids and will help to increase your productivity in the garden.

✔ Waterproof for wet garden working
✔ Micro-ventilated Polyurethane coating
✔ Great rough grip
✔ Flexible with a seamless liner

This cutting-edge technology means that your gardening gloves needn’t be a nuisance in the heat. Instead, the innovative inner membrane will filter out the heat vapour whilst not allowing a drop of water in. As well as being breathable, these gloves are abrasion resistant and provide ample grip in wet situations—so it’s win-win when your hands need to take a dip.

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Gardening Tasks: – Reach for your SHOWA 281 gloves when you’re working with paint, varnish or chemicals out in the garden. The longer sleeve design allows for reaching into ponds, bird baths or buckets of water, without the risk of wet sleeves. Pop them on to water your plants, hose down tools or even for delicate duties like tying, clipping or snipping.

Gardening Tip: – When trying to collect and conserve water, it’s best to clean water butts annually to prevent disease spread. For this, run through and add treatment, scrubbing it clean with your SHOWA 281 protected hands.

Season: – All year round

Temres Technology
Water molecules are too large to penetrate whilst warm air molecules are small enough to circulate through the liner and coating. View the Temres Technology Explained infographic.



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