BUDS Children’s Gloves

BUDS Children’s Gloves


Perfect for protecting little hands

A durable and easy to wear kids glove that will keep little hands safe whilst gardening outside. The comfortable design of BUDS children’s gloves, are sure to be a hit and will fit hands perfectly, whilst leaving room to grow with an elasticated wristband.

✔ Available in pink or blue
✔ Fits small hands perfectly
✔ Durable with great grip
✔ Elasticated wrist for a comfortable fit

Gardening gloves for kids can be hard to find, so these general-purpose gardening gloves work wonders in all manner of situations! Giving your favourite little people first-class protection without limiting motion. No risk of slips with the textured palm coating for great grip which will shield young hands and delicate skin from sharp stones or thorns. Though these gloves are sturdy and long-lasting, they’re also light and flexible enough for trickier tasks too—perfect for all-day use.

Approximate children’s sizing:

  • XXS 4-6 years old
  • XS 7-9 yr old

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Gardening Tasks: – Make a mud pie, dig up dirt, or plant a bulb—no problem. Sow, grow and even tow along with the adults. Try your hand at weeding, feeding or seeding the plot, it’s a walk in the park. Even trickier tasks like sweeping and raking are within your clasp with this grip power. Plus, get busy with garden games or get up close and personal with wildlife without any risk of scratches or scrapes.

Gardening Tip: – Get stuck into painting your old wooden lolly sticks and use them as plant labels to learn about what’s growing in your garden—all whilst keeping hands muck-free with BUDS gloves.

Season: – All year round



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Pink, Blue