Benchmark Tactile

Benchmark Tactile


A thin and durable glove for precision tasks in dry conditions

The Benchmark Tactile is a thin and durable general handling glove.

✔ Lightweight, thin and dexterous
✔ Polyurethane coating provides resistance to wear,abrasion,tearing as well as grease
✔ Microporous and adapts easily to all of the hands movements

These durable, dry grip gloves provide durability and flexibility, They truly have the whole package! Plus, the seamless liner and elasticated cuff means that they keep on giving, with all-day relief.

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Gardening Tasks: – Everyday gardening jobs like mulching and deadheading are simple to complete with when your gloves have it all. The anatomical shape means that fiddly training and topiary tasks, and even tying stems with twine, are done with ease.

Gardening Tip: – Did you know that nettles naturally speed up the decomposition process, so add some to your compost bin—removing the root which takes longer to break down, to have fantastic homemade soil in no time.

Season: – All year round

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