All Rounder Bundle

All Rounder Bundle

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A set of 3 gardening gloves to cover many tasks

All your gardening prayers have been answered with this gardening glove bundle to die for. As a glove set, it’s a must-have for any budding gardener – with three different gloves to prepare you for all kinds of garden jobs.

The SHOWA 381 is perfect for cleaning and handling tools, as it is resistant to oils and grease and will give you a secure grip throughout. The Skytec Argon is the champion cold weather glove – designed to keep your hands warm and working down to temperatures as low as -50°C. Finally, the SHOWA 341 is particularly good for repetitive jobs like weeding and replicates the natural curve of the hand to reduce fatigue.

This great value bundle comes with:

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Gardening Tasks: – With these three amigos having your back you can start cleaning tools; washing them down and even wiping over with oil, shovelling snow after a visit from Jack Frost, and blazing through the everyday jobs that require that extra elbow grease like raking, digging and cutting.

David’s Gardening Tip: – When pulling weeds, make sure you pull the entire root or it may grow back to cause havoc another day!

Season: – All year round

All Rounder Bundle contains:


✔ Cold protection
✔ Comfortable and soft with a secure grip
✔ Double insulated liner
✔ Keep hands warm and dry

  • SHOWA 381

✔ Drier hands with reduced perspiration
✔ Exceptional suppleness and comfort due to the combination of microfibre and spandex
✔ 0.84mm finger thickness allows an excellent level of tactility and sensitivity
✔ Excellent close fit

  • SHOWA 341

✔ Machine washable
✔ Flexible and soft for a nice wearing experience
✔ Waterproof latex palm

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