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September Gardening and Eco-friendly Gloves

At this time of year, when there’s a load of work to be done to prepare your garden for autumn, bolster your toolkit with gardening gloves that not only offer hand protection but that biodegrade after use too.

These two pairs of gardening gloves from Globus Group cover all bases to keep you carefree and cultivating this September, whilst remaining eco-friendly.

One-off jobs

gardening-gloves-showa-6110pfThe SHOWA 6110PF gardening gloves, from Globus Group, keep you covered to protect your hands and nails – especially good for dealing with dirty soil. They’re perfect for those one-off jobs that otherwise wreck your everyday reusable pair of gardening gloves, like when you’re working with grease, paint or chemicals. Plus, you can throw them away afterwards because they’ll biodegrade when in landfill!

September weather is the perfect time to get painting exterior walls, doors and surfaces as it’s not too hot outside. You can also start staining wooden fences and furniture back to their former glory, whilst allowing 2-3 dry days for the stain to absorb into the wood. These tasks always end up being far messier than you first imagined, so gloves are a must—it’ll save scrubbing your hands clean from paint afterwards. Before retreating garden furniture with teak oil, it’s a good idea to give it a light sanding to open up the pores of the wood and disposable gloves will mean you don’t end up with strong-smelling teak oil all over your hands.

Use a pair of SHOWA 6110PF to keep your hands pristine. You can throw them on, then throw them away afterwards. No guilt.

You’ll find these gardening gloves come in very handy when applying lubricants to mechanical and manual tools too. Whether doing this to make them easier to use, put less strain on the machine, or protect tools, oil and grease are not the easiest to clean off hands afterwards. Use a pair of SHOWA 6110PF to keep your hands pristine. You can throw them on, then throw them away afterwards.


Due to SHOWA’s Eco Best Technology (EBT), these gloves biodegrade after use once in landfill, so they’re the perfect solution. These gloves are also 100% nitrile, and latex-free and powder-free making them suitable for sensitive skin.

Keep a box of these gloves in your garden shed and then you’ve got them to hand when there’s messy garden maintenance to be done.

Everyday use

If you want to use a gardening glove on more than one occasion, while still being environmentally conscious, the SHOWA 4552  is your answer. Though disposable gloves come in handy every once in a while, it’s important to keep your hands covered on a daily basis for general all-round gardening tasks.

September will keep your hands busy with all manner of tasks, so you need a glove that can do it all and the 4552 gardening gloves are multi-functional. Wear a pair when planting bulbs for next spring, dividing up any herbaceous perennials and when preparing cold frames for autumn use. They’ve got an innovative hand mould that replicates the human hand and it gives me manoeuvrability with whatever gardening deed needs doing. This machine washable everyday glove can keep you gardening for longer, due to its lightweight material to fight hand fatigue—ideal to wear when deadheading late-flowering blooms.

What’s more, as well as all-day protection, SHOWA’s 4552 gardening gloves have the ability to biodegrade when you’re finished with them and placed into landfill. They’re a multi-use pair that can save on waste!

As these gardening gloves deliver so much, it’s an idea to keep two or three pairs in stock at all times so there’s always a pair available to slip on where and when I need them.

So, there you have it, with both of these gloves from Globus to hand, there’s a wide range of gardening jobs you can tackle that not only protect your hands but Mother nature too.

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