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Seasonal gardening: Why Spring blooms are beautiful

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Spring is the season of every gardeners’ dream. The buds begin to bloom just as we’re getting fed up with the long, cold, dreary winter and make everything seem prettier. There is a range of flowers that come alive once the lighter nights set in and can help bring your garden back to life.

However, if you’re a green-fingered novice, there are a few considerations to think about before you start incorporating the plants into your garden.

We’ve put together a list of the best bloomers for this time of the year to help kick-start your seasonal garden.

Springtime special bloomers


The popular tulip is a family favourite for this time of year. A quintessential spring flower, they come in a variety of colours, hailing from both France and Holland. They’re a must on every gardener’s list of blooms at this time of year.


Vibrant and timeless, the daffodil always brightens up any Spring garden after a gloomy winter. Native to Europe and North Africa and one of the easiest bulbs to grow, there are more than 50 species of the flower.


A classic Magnolia Tree is the first to bloom in spring. Different types of the flower bloom later in the season and into summer so will keep your garden bursting with colour for months to come.


As a relatively small plant, the Crocus can bloom quickly any time from late winter to early spring. Very popular with gardeners alike, the plant will only emerge in the correct conditions but once planted, is likely to grow back time and time again throughout the years.


Forsythias are a very low-maintenance shrub. Best known for their long branches and brilliant yellow blooms, they provide the perfect backdrop for all spring gardens.


As one of Britain’s best-loved flowers, Primroses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The epitome of spring, the pale-yellow flowers bloom as the sun begins to bring warmth after the cold winter months.

Witch Hazel

Prized for its bright, spidery, yellow blooms, these native shrubs are one of the first to appear in late winter, providing that assurance to budding gardeners that spring is on its way. It takes six years to fully mature. The wait is worth it.


Blooming from late spring until early summer, peonies are one of the staples of the season. Be sure to keep young children away from the delicate young shoots of the flower as they’re easily broken, leading to pests, diseases and even death of the plant.


Hyacinths naturally respond to prevailing spring weather and provide a burst of colour to your garden. Similar to tulips, the hyacinth is always most impressive a year after planting and brings with it a luring scent.


One of the most beautiful smelling flowers, the lilac has one of the earliest bloom times. They symbolise renewal and confidence which make them a popular gift for graduates. Very easy to grow, the lilac is one of the most striking flowering shrubs.

Seasonal hand protection

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