Protecting your hands with David Domoney

Protecting your hands with David Domoney

The credibility of a gardener was always on the state of their hands, and when I say state, I mean the worst they looked the more they looked as it they’ve done the work.

Gnarled with arthritis maybe, compost embedded hard underneath the fingernail, cut with string and thorns, but they shouldn’t be. Our hands are the greatest tool we have to work in the garden and giving them protection is very, very important. Things like these SHOWAs here, these are the 370s, they’re really lightweight. Once you put them on, within a couple of minutes, you’ve forgotten you’re wearing them. Until, you start to pick up other garden implements and you realise, the material just here, gives you phenomenal grip.

It holds on to your spade, your rake, or your hoe, and if you’ve got a good grip and it doesn’t slip you’re not going to get blisters so it helps there too. But old gardeners used to treat these tools better than their own hands, and when they’d finished using them they’d clean off any mud, and then just give it a coating of oil to preserve them and put them up in the shed.

In fact, I’ve got an old bucket by the back of my shed with a mixture of sand and grit with oil in and I stab my fork, or my hoe, or my trowel into that, which breaks off some of the surface mud and again coats it in oil. But we have got to protect tools – and when I say tools I’m not just talking about this, I’m also talking about the gardener’s main tool – the hands and wearing gloves goes a long way in making sure your hands keep younger for longer.

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