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Mr Potts is a life-long gardening enthusiast. During his days as a primary school teacher he loved to share his gardening know-how with his pupils. Now that he's retired that passion for teaching brings him to the gardening-gloves website to further spread his passion for the green-fingered arts.

How to prep your garden for spring with the perfect safety wear


With lighter mornings and longer evenings on their way, it’s safe to say Spring has almost sprung. What better way to make the most of the warmer weather than to get outside in your garden and get your gardening gloves on and getting back in action.

If you’ve kept on top of the basic maintenance over winter, you’ll be in good stead to start again. If not – don’t worry, it won’t take long to lay the foundation. With a little bit of a spring cleaning preparation, you can create something that looks inviting and easier to manage in the long-term.

For those of you itching to sort out your garden, we’ve compiled a quick list of top tips to prepare your buds for summer with some handy help along the way with recommending the perfect protective gloves for your different applications.

Tidy up your space

Firstly, it’s imperative you give your garden a quick once over with the hose pipe to wash away dirt and unwanted growth as well as cleaning your paving stones or patio. If you have any water features, bird tables or birdbaths in your garden, it’s a good idea to clean the elements and winter build up away, to keep your beautiful garden fresh.

Make sure your hands stay safe with protective gloves which are waterproof and comfortable to withstand any pressure. The water repellent Showa 386 protective gloves provide warmth and dryness in wet conditions for gardening tasks in any season.

Sow the seeds for a green fingered makeover

Paying careful attention to your lawn and flower beds can really pay off for a gorgeous garden and is definitely worth the hard work that goes into it. Start with the biggest task – your lawn. Rake away all the dead grass and moss which has been collated over the colder months and cut your grass short –lay fast growing grass seeds where needed in bare or damaged patches.

For flowers, we recommend planting some crocus and tulips early Spring to create a colourful ground coverage. The vibrant colours and shapes which are available with these buds will really bring to life your garden and are very wildlife friendly for attracting bees.

The ultra-lightweight Showa 381 protective gardening glove will help with the more delicate tasks of planting. This is a popular glove for hand protection, which reduces perspiration and keeps your hands dry when working outside, with a thin embossed palm coating which is ideal for grip when working in any weather.

Create a compost bin

Pinpoint a shaded area within your garden and build a compost area to provide somewhere to put all your organic waste. It doesn’t matter how large or small the compost bin is, it can be as simple as you like, as long as you keep it topped up. A mix of lawn cuttings and manure alongside wood chippings, paper or dead leaves will help the environment thrive, making it the perfect condition for compost.

Keep your hands protected whilst working with the soil and muck with the grippy and dexterous Showa 350R glove. These safety gloves have a textured palm which is robust enough to stand up to all prickly situations such as when working with thorns.

Final thoughts…

The main aim of prepping your garden is so that you can finally sit back and enjoy it when the early summer sun finally puts its hat on.

If your green fingers are itching, there is no better time to start than now!

For a complete selection of safety gloves for the ultimate hand protection, view our specialised gardening range by Benchmark.