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Why Use Gardening Gloves?

potting a plant in soil wearing SHOWA 370 gloves in green

One of your biggest assets as a gardener is your hands. They’re the part of you that is always on the go, stuck deep into the thick of it, and at most risk when you’re gardening. Not only that, but they’re a key component to working the land so you really need to invest in keeping them safe with some high quality gardening gloves.

Gardening, by its very nature, is all about enjoying the natural world and with that comes a desire to get stuck in and feel the soil in the palm of our hands. Of course, with this there are complications in terms of injury and infection, but we’re lucky enough to live in an age now where we don’t have to compromise one for the other.

Gardening gloves nowadays are designed to keep a tender touch approach alongside cutting edge technology to keep our hands comfortable while they’re active. Some have a ‘second skin’ fit, which is lightweight whilst still giving you full defence. You can garden all day in gloves like this and you won’t experience hand fatigue.

I always think, you wouldn’t scrimp on inadequate garden tools and your gloves are an essential part of that tool kit. With the right pair for you, you will find your efforts are actually made easier – so there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. – David Domoney