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What Are Gardening Gloves Used For?

SHOWA 341 gloves in purple grabbing on to leaves and twigs

The great thing about gardening gloves is that they can be a huge asset for a vast array of tasks. It’s not just everyday gardening jobs that benefit, like weeding, mowing and planting. Sure it’s important to have your hands covered when working with soil and potentially scratchy materials, but gloves do so much more.

Gardening gloves give extra tactility when you’re lifting large items or even sowing tiny seeds. They make a barrier when working with harsh substances, like garden chemicals. You can buy gloves for all sorts of specialist requirements, such as cut resistant products for thorn work and pruning tasks, as well as water-repellent ones for wet work, even smaller-sized children’s gloves with the same level of protection for mini, yet busy, hands.

My favourite thing about a quality pair of gardening gloves though, is that you don’t know you’re wearing them—after all, their sole purpose is to make your life easier. A good pair will keep your hands comfortable at all times; with a breathable, cool material in summer or a layer of thermal, warmth in winter. Meaning you can be left to get on and do what needs to be done—whatever that may be. – David Domoney