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How To Store Gardening Gloves

SHOWA 4552 gardening gloves left sat on a piece of wood

Ever ask yourself ‘How do I store my gardening gloves?’ or ‘Where do I keep my gardening gloves?’…? You’ll probably want to keep them close by when gardening so the perfect place would be somewhere in your garden shed, ideally following David Domoney’s advice below.

Over the years, I’ve seen some inventive ways to store gardening gloves, from repurposed shoe hangers – with each pocket stowing a different pair, to a simple string and peg set up where you peg one glove at a time. Either way, hanging is ideal – especially if they’re wet. Keeping your gloves out in the open will remind you to pop them on more frequently and keep hands looking young, plus you’ll save on drawer space. – David Domoney