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How Do You Choose Which Gardening Gloves Are Right For You?

man hands wearing SHOWA 360 gloves holding onto watering can handle with water drops on gloves

One of the best things you can do for your gardening goals is to first invest in a pair of gardening gloves. Picking which ones you need can seem daunting at first, but really it just takes some careful consideration around what you want to achieve.

Look at the next 6 months of gardening ahead of you.

  • Are you heading into growing season where there will plenty of tactile tasks involving planting, weeding and seeding?
  • Or maybe the season is yet to begin, and you plan on talking some wet jobs like cleaning the fish pond?
  • Perhaps the season is winding down and you aim to spend time outside in the cold, redesigning it for next year?

Once you’ve got to grips with this, you can prioritise your purchase.

It’s likely that you will need more than one pair throughout the year but planning ahead is a good place to start. – David Domoney

You will also find handy bundles that you can buy. These give you a starting point so at least you know you’ve got the basics covered. The All Rounder Bundle gives a set of three gloves that can tackle it all; the SKYTEC Argon for cold weather protection, SHOWA 381 for grease-proof mucky jobs and, for every day gardening tasks, the SHOWA 341. Beginner gardeners might look to getting a set like this.

If you’ve a got a specific job in mind, you’ll find all the appropriate gardening jobs listed next to each glove on the Gardening Gloves website, so this will make deciding a little easier! Or search by category on the Products page.