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Can You Wash Gardening Gloves?

hands carrying a large plant pot with a sun motif wearing purple SHOWA 341 gloves

For the sake of keeping life simple, you’ll be glad to hear that within Globus Group’s glove range, yes, there are gardening gloves you can pop into the washing machine with your weekly spin. For example, the SHOWA 341 can be washed at 40°C and will emerge fresh, clean and ready to preen.

You can soak most gardening gloves in a basin of tepid water to dislodge any muck. This will keep them at their best for next time.

Another good way to wash your gardening gloves is with soap and water while you’re wearing them – just like you would normally wash your hands under the tap! Get a good lather and they’ll feel as good as new!

When drying, you want to make sure you leave them to air dry, if possible. Leave enough time to hang them on your washing line instead of popping them on a radiator or other heat source, which may disfigure the perfectly-sculpted shape of the glove.

Of course, I would also recommend giving any dirty gloves the once over with a garden hose first, to rinse off any excess grime before they go in the drum. – David Domoney