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Safe Hands With David Domoney

David Domoney wearing a blue/black shirt in a garden with a brick shed in the background

David Domoney is a Chartered Horticulturalist and TV gardener. He is a presenter on ITV1’s Love Your Garden, which is the most-viewed gardening TV show in Britain today., and is the resident gardener on ITV1’s This Morning.

With over forty years in the garden industry, David Domoney is a dab hand at choosing the right pair of gloves for every garden task. Whether it’s protecting your hands from cuts while pruning, shielding them from chemicals while mixing cement, or defending them from damp weather on the allotment, the right choice of glove will keep your hands young and healthy for years to come. Here to de-mystify your many glove choices, David will guide you to the right glove for your needs, whatever the job you are doing.

Gardening should be about fitness and fun, not aches and pains! But if you’ve got a threadbare pair of old gloves that you use for everything, you risk damaging your most important tool as a gardener—your very own hands. Just as you wouldn’t wear slippers on a factory floor or wellies to a business meeting, you shouldn’t rely on a single pair of gloves for every gardening task. I’ll be here to help you to choose the right glove for the right job, to give you peace of mind in whatever you do. – David Domoney

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