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Veganuary? How to Grow a Vegan Garden.


With 2022’s Veganuary well underway, the positive effects of a plant-based diet may slowly be starting to edge its way into lives. Or perhaps, you’re just looking to eat a little healthier and introduce some homegrown fresh fruit and veg into your diet. Even if Veganuary is just a one-month thing, why buy the expensive, processed plant-based products from your supermarkets when you can grow this food in your very own garden?


Getting Started

Gardening doesn’t have to be limited to your classic tomatoes, strawberries and the odd potato – it can really flourish with the time and effort you put into it. With the vegan market currently booming, learning more about growing and eating your own vegan food has never been as easy! If this sounds like something you’d be into, getting the right equipment should be a priority, and I don’t just mean a trowel and some soil – PPE is also a must.

Showa 341s are an ideal beginners glove. Waterproof and flexible, they’re the perfect cross between practicality and comfort – a gardener’s dream. For when the temperatures drop, the Skytec Argon should definitely be your glove of choice – click the link to check it out.


What to grow

A typical vegan contains only plants such as vegetables, grains, nuts and fruits – all which can be produced in your garden. Start with a diet plan of your favourite foods to establish what would be key for you to grow at home. Similarly, looking at the packaging of foods you’re currently buying, researching different types of food, are all ways to help give you more ideas. Rain or shine, consistency is a must for keeping your future lunch well nurtured and healthy. This is where the Showa 306 comes in, a glove for all weather conditions, its thick water repellent material keeps hands warm for those difficult days when the weather is cold and damp.



Veganuary isn’t always easy for some and, if we’re completely honest, neither is gardening. However, the benefits and rewards you experience at the end make it all worthwhile. It’s the same with gardening! Meals will taste just that tiny bit sweeter when you know its your time and effort that’s gone into the process of the food itself. Get your gloves on, get out and get gardening!