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How to attract wildlife to your garden

If you’re at a loss to fill your time during the current lockdown and fancy doing something to your garden but just don’t know what. Then look no further, help your garden to thrive this year by growing the perfect plants to attract wildlife.

By working with nature, you can help reduce the amount of labour-intensive work that you have to do with your garden, as well as lowering disease outbreaks amongst plants and reducing problems with pests or weeds.

Encourage birds and insects to feed and nest in your garden by sowing a variety of plants which they prefer. We’ve collated some top tips and some brilliant blooms to attract wildlife for you below to help your garden flourish.

Concentrate on trees and shrubs

Trees and larger plants are highly advantageous to supporting wildlife. As well as providing food for birds, insects, and animals such as flowers, fruits and seeds, they also provide essential cover and nesting sites.

Smaller shrubs can also blossom and produce berries which are nutrients for a wide range of species. If your garden is too small for larger plants or trees, then ensure your neighbourhood’s trees are thriving as they can attract birds into your area and garden, contributing to its health.

Utilise your water and wood

It may seem obvious, however, incorporating water in a number of different forms can really boost your garden’s wildlife. Digging a shallow pond could be the easiest way to vastly grow your wildlife population. However, if you don’t have space or the amenities for one, then any form of basin or pot which could hold a pool of water will suffice. Not only will this attract a variety of amphibians and insects, but it will also provide food and water for birds.

Also, when you’re clearing out, be sure not to throw away your deadwood. Decaying wood provides habitat and essential cover to a range of wildlife which may be decreasing in numbers in the countryside.

Top Tip: Partially bury your logs to appear rustic and primitive. To protect your hands from injury whilst sorting your arrangement, the Showa 250 safety glove will prevent any splinters and cuts and provide grip for manoeuvring.

man wearing SHOWA 281 Temres gloves leaning into a pond with one hand holding onto the side

Perfect plants for wildlife

Certain plants are perfect for bringing birds and insects to your garden. A few of our favourites include the honeysuckle, ivy, dahlia, wild cherry tree and, of course, the bluebell. Not only do these look beautiful, but they also captivate essential species such as butterflies, bees and birds.

Top Tip: Keep your hands warm whilst planting in the colder months with the Skytec Argon glove. This is the ultimate cold-weather product for the green-fingered gardener and will provide excellent grip, even in damp conditions.

Forget about pruning the perfect garden

Get growing a patch of grass longer, don’t worry about leaf piles or debris, create some authentic rock piles and you’re allowed to leave perennials to flourish over winter. It doesn’t mean your garden has to look messy, but by being a perfectionist with your garden, it will help draw in small mammals, reptiles and amphibians which will find hidden corners and habitats in these un-kept areas.

Benchmark Tactile

Scatter seeds across your garden

Scattering some wildflower seeds can help create a mini meadow which is great for insects and also don’t require much upkeep. During peak season, they can flower beautiful blooms such as poppies and buttercups. Remember, a suitable mix of seeds will need to be resown each year.

Top Tip: For planting and maintaining your garden, a multi-use glove will provide protection all-year-round. The Benchmark Tactile will give you a lightweight, durable yet flexible grip throughout the seasons.

Beat the boredom this lockdown and focus on bolstering your garden to create a nature haven. For more information on hand protection and PPE for these tasks, please visit: