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Making the most out of your garden space!

With autumn looming, many of us are making the most of spending time outdoors. It’s the perfect season to get creative in our green space and enjoy the sun whilst the British weather is behaving! But what if our green spaces aren’t so spacious? We’ve put together a list of gardening projects for you to transform those smaller spaces.

The only way is up

If you’re limited for space on the ground, look up. Trellis and lattice fencing are a nifty way to shape and grow your very own green wall. It’s easy to do and usually inexpensive. From bright lilac wisteria to trailing ivy, climbing plants offer a pop of colour without eating into your garden space. Rose and jasmine can often make your garden look and smell good.

Hanging baskets and planters are also a great way to utilise space and give you the chance to have your own veggie patch. There are plenty of fruits and vegetables you can grow in pots like tomatoes and small peppers. Potted vegetables offer flexibility: if something isn’t growing then move it around!

Our Benchmark Tactile Gloves are a lightweight, dry-grip option which are ideal for general gardening work.

Finding the square root

Square Foot Gardening is a neat and tidy way to have a little taste of everything. Dividing a small garden bed into 1-foot squares allows you to manage lots of different growing spaces at once. It has the benefit of producing a high yield as you’ll harvest a lot from a limited space. It is fairly quick to set up; the bed can be placed anywhere and as the new garden is small, there is minimal maintenance. Whilst you’re limited to crops that don’t require lots of space, there are still plenty of options: herbs, carrots and radishes.

With a diverse vegetable patch, you’ll need a pair of gloves that can tackle anything and everything. The Showa 341 latex covered gloves offer hard-wearing protection from a range of gardening tasks.

Bring the garden in

Who says your garden has to be outside? If you have an empty windowsill or space on your kitchen counter, then an indoor herb garden is easier than you think.

Whilst it’ll be quicker to pop to the supermarket and pick up a few pots of basil, growing herbs at home can result in a fresh supply of your favourite garnishes. Mint, oregano and parsley all fair well in moderate to strong light. With minimal watering and repotting required, growing herbs is a low maintenance gardening task that still gives you the fulfilment of producing your own food.

Bird is the word

Bird baths and feeders are a great way to attract birds to your garden all year round. They’re cheap to buy and require little maintenance to keep well stocked.  If you’re pushed for space, a blank fence panel or wall space is a perfect place for a bird house.

Our Showa 310 are ideal if you want to give making your own bird box a try. Flexible and robust, these gloves are breathable and robust for those tougher jobs.

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