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Everything you need to know to prepare for Bonfire Night

Coronavirus restrictions mean that Bonfire Night is going to feel very different for most people across the UK, with far more celebrations happening privately. Experts are predicting record numbers of back garden bonfires this year, so we have outlined the top things you should do to get your garden ready.

Check for hedgehogs

Unfortunately, hedgehogs see bonfire log piles as ideal places to shelter, as they strongly resemble their natural habitats, so it is always a good idea to check your bonfire before lighting it. Since 2007, numbers of wild hedgehogs in the UK have halved, and there are now thought to be fewer than a million left in the UK, so more important than ever to protect our native hedgehog population.

Always build your bonfire out in the open, not on top of piles of leaves where hedgehogs may be hiding, and try and avoid building it too far in advance so that hedgehogs have less time to find their way in.

If you do find any hedgehogs, make sure you handle them carefully and make sure you wear protective gloves. Our SHOWA 310, or Benchmark Durable gloves would be great choices. If you do find a hedgehog, place it in a high-sided cardboard box, and only release it when the bonfire is over and dampened down.

Clear overhanging bushes or branches

Bushes or tree branches which hang over your bonfire can be a fire hazard, so make sure you check the area where you plan to have your bonfire carefully. The hot column of air generated by a bonfire can also kill vulnerable tree buds, and leave you with large dead areas on your tree come Spring.

Overhead cables are also a hazard, and you shouldn’t light a bonfire in an area below cabling.

Wear gloves when handling fireworks or sparklers

It is very important that all members of the family, especially children, wear gloves when handling any fireworks or sparklers. Sparklers can burn surprisingly hot, and can burn children hours after they have gone out.

Kids love our BUDS gloves for their bright colours and comfortable fit. They are specially designed for small hands, and the textured palm coating gives a great grip which will shield young hands and delicate skin from sharp stones or thorns.

Sort through your garden waste

It can be tempting to just throw all of your garden waste on the bonfire, but composting is often a better option. Diseased plants can be put on the bonfire, but composting other plants means that you can feed their nutrients back into the garden.



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