Cool, Calm and Collected By David Domoney | Est. reading time: 4 minutes

This summer stay on top of your gardening jobs with gloves to keep you cool, calm and collected. In warm seasons, our gloves get a lot of use, so you need a pair that won’t let you down and are suited for a variety of jobs. Let’s take a look at the best gloves on the market and find a pair to wear while the weather’s fair.

Published 12/07/19
| 1 week ago

Why Use Gardening Gloves? By GG Team | Est. reading time: 1 minute

One of your biggest assets as a gardener is your hands. They’re the part of you that is always on the go, stuck deep into the thick of it, and at most risk when you’re gardening. Not only that, but they’re a key component to working the land so you really need to invest in keeping them safe with some high quality gardening gloves.

Published 01/07/19
| 3 weeks ago

Become a Thorn Master By David Domoney | Est. reading time: 4 minutes

This summer enjoy a proud parade of plants and posies without hesitation or harm to your hands. Good gardening gloves are essential to keep hands looking young and they need to be robust enough to stand up to prickly situations out in the garden. So, let’s look at how to keep up garden care with the right pair.

Published 19/06/19
| 1 month ago

What Are Gardening Gloves Used For? By GG Team | Est. reading time: 1 minute

The great thing about gardening gloves is that they can be a huge asset for a vast array of tasks. It’s not just everyday gardening jobs that benefit, like weeding, mowing and planting. Sure it’s important to have your hands covered when working with soil and potentially scratchy materials, but gloves do so much more.

Published 24/05/19
| 2 months ago

A Grass May-keover By David Domoney | Est. reading time: 4.5 minutes

Having the right gloves for the job is really handy – especially as we approach growing season. Our gardens are currently bursting with life, with lawns growing up to 4mm in a single day. With so much going on, let’s look at how to keep a handle on long-living, lush and deluxe lawns to host all manner of garden goings-on.

Published 20/05/19
| 2 months ago

April Showers and Prepping for Rainfall By David Domoney | Est. reading time: 4 minutes

Far from being an ‘April fools’ prank, it’s true that the term ‘April showers’ stems from meteorological predictions that this is most likely the wettest month of the year. Although not 100% guaranteed, it would be a wise decision for any gardener to prepare for the possibility of heavy rainfall. So, grab your waterproofs and get weather ready.

Published 17/04/19
| 3 months ago