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David Domoney is a Chartered Horticulturalist and television gardener. He is a presenter on ITV1’s Love Your Garden, which is the most-viewed gardening TV show in Britain today, and is the resident gardener on ITV1’s This Morning.
David Domoney building a bonfire with twigs and sticks wearing SHOWA 310 gloves
Inside a greenhouse, looking out to the garden
David Domoney wearing purple SHOWA 341 gardening gloves leaning over a wall
David stood holding a rake wearing SHOWA 370 gloves in blue smiling at the camera
david domoney smiling at camera while carrying a large pile of sticks wearing SHOWA 350R gloves
hands wearing SHOWA 4552 biodegradable gloves holding grass cuttings
close up of wet leaves with raindrops
David Domoney pruning wearing SHOWA 370 gloves in blue
Skytec Argon gloves